Embracing mentorship can unlock your doors to success
  • 18 April 2017

Ceo hires a graduate at the graduation ceremony

Possibly, some lyrics by Irish boy band, Westlife, such as “You raise me up to walk on stormy seas;” in their song “You raise me up” was in some way referring to the benefits of mentorship. Another prominent person who noticed the significance of mentorship centuries ago was a British mathematician, astronomer and physicist, Sir Isaac Newton, when he said: “If I have been further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”.

Whether we knew it or not, all of us have been and, mostly, continue to be mentored to be the people we are today. A process is continual and requires commitment from both the mentor and mentee to yield desired results.

Mentorship starts at an early age when parents or teachers take care of children with a view to impart knowledge, wisdom and responsibility throughout their upbringing. It can also be argued that it begins when a baby is still in the womb. Good or bad words directed at babies during pregnancy have potential to define their future. As a result, behavioural interaction or exchange with unborn babies can be described as mentorship.

Have you noticed that, in most cases, successful sport personalities attribute their accolades to their coaches, parents or teachers? Yes, they do. At times, coaches appreciate players for playing according to the instructions or game plan. It is interesting to notice that both the coach and player contribution to make into the success.

I have attended several wedding and graduation ceremonies in my community. One thing common that I have noticed about the speech by all hosts of these events was words of gratitude their parents, teachers, lecturers etc. for the role they played in their lives. There is power and inspiration in mentorship. These days, due to a demand for mentorship, there are coaching sessions that people attend to gain insight into matters that affect their lives, careers and businesses.

Notably, motivational talks have become popular as well because people feel there is a mentorship vacuum that needs to be filled. Some experts associate most of social ills that our country is facing to upbringing and dysfunctional families, meaning there was no mentorship.

Success in life is interrelated with mentorship. Mentors are influencers and they can unlock your potential.

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