Jolly Mandela Day for future leaders
  • 26 July 2019

Jolly Mandela Day for future leaders

The Mvula Trust in the Province of Limpopo demonstrated and relived Mandela-like charisma by spending the day with little bambinos at Macha day-care centre at Megoring village few kilometres outside Polokwane.

Macha day-care centre, which takes care of 30 kids, is self-funded and rely on good Samaritans to donate resources for them to see the light of the day. Due to challenges of limited operating cost, the day-care centre does not have budget for refreshments. Due to these circumstances, kids do not have a choice but to bring food from their households.

During the visit, The Mvula Trust officials donated several goodies that will assist kids at the day-care centre to play with and enjoy the environment. Items among others included colourful kids’ tables, chairs, school bags hanger and playground holler hoops.

“Former President Nelson Mandela was passionate about humanity and philosophy of caring for one another. We are following in his footsteps. It through this gesture that we strive to relive Mandela character to these kids. One day they will grow and take this baton and run with it”, said Jacob Tshiwilowilo, Regional Operations Manager.

Expressing her gratitude, Eugenia Hans, a principal at the Macha day-care centre, painted a grim picture of socioeconomic challenges and harsh realities they face in rural communities.

“We wholeheartedly thank you for your kindness and remembering us on this day. These gifts will go a long way to make kids enjoy this environment. Although we do not have funds to be able to feed them, but through donors like you we are able to create a kids-friendly environment for them to play”.

After finishing assembling and setting up some of the items, The Mvula Trust officials spent most time playing with kids, showing them how to use some of the items and taking pictures.

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