Value and protection of water for the good of all


Water management

Water management

The Mvula Trust is putting greater emphasis on the value and protection of water for the good of all. This programme therefore consists of the key areas of infrastructure creation, effective operation and maintenance, as well as water quality and demand management.

Mvula’s approach to drinking water quality and effluent water quality is about empowering communities so that they can play a strong oversight role through measurement, advocacy and impact management. The Mvula Trust also has experience in setting up and supporting Catchment Management Agency (CMA) forums.

Our capacities include support to municipalities in understanding the importance of water conservation. We therefore work with local government in engaging with communities through public education on water demand management practices instead of only relying on technological devices. In his way, communities have an instilled sense of ownership and responsibility of services so that monitoring and regulation becomes a regular practice at community level.

The Mvula Trust advocates and work with municipalities for infrastructure investments in rural wastewater treatment and appropriate technologies such as Advanced Ponding Systems.


We focus on the following

Sustainable water & sanitation

The heart of Mvula’s strategic objectives

Local government support

Assisting municipalities to be developmental by focusing on their mandates

Training & Advocacy

Poverty alleviation, climate change adaptation and food security.

Infrastructure creation

Livelihood improvements and good infrastructure implementation processes.