Strengthen the resilience

Poverty alleviation, climate change adaptation and food security.

Strengthen the resilience

Training & advocacy

Training & advocacy

The areas of focus in this programme are poverty alleviation, climate change adaptation and food security. These components need to be integrated with a development intention, such as using rainwater harvesting (RWH) to address food security, ensuring HIV/Aids affected households can secure their nutritional needs from food gardening, and building local entrepreneurship to address unemployment.

The ultimate objective of the programme is to strengthen the resilience of poor communities to overcome the vulnerability they face in relation to external shocks, including climate change.

From an advocacy perspective, the Mvula Trust advocates that rural solutions need not be sub-standard but require the development of appropriate technologies that are mindful of water availability and environmental consequences of neglecting maintenance.

Central to this is changing the awareness of the need for different sanitation options to address the backlog and how this must go hand in hand with health and hygiene processes.
The Mvula Trust works closely with municipalities on implementing a community-based training and advocacy programme for sustainable solutions that empower communities.


We focus on the following

Sustainable water & sanitation

The heart of Mvula’s strategic objectives

The Mvula Trust - Water

Value and protection of water for the good of all

Local government support

Assisting municipalities to be developmental by focusing on their mandates

Infrastructure creation

Livelihood improvements and good infrastructure implementation processes.



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