The heart of Mvula’s strategic objectives


Water & sanitation

Water & sanitation

Supporting poor communities in South Africa to achieve access to a reliable and safe water supply, continues to be at the heart of Mvula’s strategic objectives.

Significant challenges face both water and sanitation from a sustainability perspective. Ensuring the provision of a sustainable service, takes more than infrastructure provision. It also demands that care is taken of the social aspects such as hygiene education and accountability of services provided to the community.

Strategically, the Mvula Trust explores different sanitation technologies in order to provide long term sustainability and  easier options for households to maintain their basic infrastructure.

Great attention is paid to end user education in order to operationalise and maintain the sustainability of the assets while also providing good health and hygiene practices. This is central to any technology that is implemented. The user education includes attention to the importance of operations and maintenance of sanitation facilities. This is important for the protection of the environment and to ensure the endurance of the infrastructure.


We focus on the following

The Mvula Trust - Water

Value and protection of water for the good of all

Local government support

Assisting municipalities to be developmental by focusing on their mandates

Training & Advocacy

Poverty alleviation, climate change adaptation and food security.

Infrastructure creation

Livelihood improvements and good infrastructure implementation processes.