Assisting municipalities to be developmental by focusing on their mandates


Government support

Government support

The Mvula Trust provides local government support by assisting municipalities to reach their service delivery targets in a manner that is community-driven and ecologically sustainable. This includes attention to operations and maintenance, asset management and attention to the social engagement required to ensure infrastructure investments succeed in delivering sustainable services.

Rural municipalities in particular, are supported with workshops on understanding water balance issues and the cost implications of water wastage through unaccounted water.

The Mvula Trust also focuses on developing the governance institutions at the community level so that there is sufficient self-organization by ordinary citizens in order to liaise with municipalities in the service delivery process. Mvula supports rural communities in strengthening the community-based water services provider (CBWSP) model to play a more active role where settlements are dispersed and difficult for municipal staff to reach. Included in this area of work, is Mvula’s long standing work in supporting Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) as well as building coalitions with CSOs to strengthen civil society advocacy on key challenges facing the water sector.


We focus on the following

Sustainable water & sanitation

The heart of Mvula’s strategic objectives

The Mvula Trust - Water

Value and protection of water for the good of all

Training & Advocacy

Poverty alleviation, climate change adaptation and food security.

Infrastructure creation

Livelihood improvements and good infrastructure implementation processes.