Property development

Livelihood improvements and good infrastructure implementation processes.

Property development

Infrastructure development

Infrastructure development

The Mvula Trust believes that basic community infrastructure works can trigger livelihood improvements and good governance. The infrastructure that the Mvula Trust participates in delivering, support individuals, families and groups to meet their social needs, maximise their potential and enhance community wellbeing.

The community-based approach on infrastructure creation ensures full-cycle community participation by supporting or establishing community-based institutions that will undertake the social workshops for the planning and decisions on the project priorities, as well as the implementation of the works.

The Mvula Trust community-based model ensures that community participation is built on inclusion and legitimacy. Community participation is reinforced through social auditing, which generates trust and thus enables progress both concerning enhanced community cohesion and the construction of a positive relationship with the local government municipality.


We focus on the following

Sustainable water & sanitation

The heart of Mvula’s strategic objectives

The Mvula Trust - Water

Value and protection of water for the good of all

Local government support

Assisting municipalities to be developmental by focusing on their mandates

Training & Advocacy

Poverty alleviation, climate change adaptation and food security.