Following Madiba footsteps with little ones
  • 06 August 2018

Following Madiba footsteps with little ones

These kids, without a doubt, never met the former President of South Africa, politician, human rights campaigner and world-known Nelson Mandela before he passed away in 2013.

Apart from being taught or reading about him in the books, it is through unleashing and displaying Mandela-like attributes that the little ones at Mmachoene Early Childhood Development Centre in Moletjie can appreciate the generous man Mandela was.

On the 18 July 2018, The Mvula Trust in Limpopo spent the whole day painting Machuene ECD centre as well as feeding the kids.The ECD centre does not have financial support or sponsorship. They rely on donation from community and meagre monthly fees collected from parents whose kids attend at the facility.

The Mvula Trust staff painted the centre, cleaned the classrooms, prepared lunch for kids and played games with them throughout the day.“The aim of this gesture is to continue with the legacy of Madiba. He taught us humanity and embracing of children”, said Christopher Chaamano, Regional Director in Limpopo.

The Head of Mmachoene ECD centre, Ms N.O Hamese, thanked The Mvula Trust for “doing a good work at the centre.” and urged the organisation to continue assisting other under-resourced ECD centres.

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