EWSETA and CIDB member



The Mvula Trust has grown into the largest non – governmental organization in South Africa in terms of building social infrastructure and water and sanitation delivery to rural and peri – urban communities. We utilise the Community Based Approach model to promote and maximize benefits for the communities rather than to achieve individual profit or advance self – interest.

The Mvula Trust subscribes to good Corporate Governance as endorsed by the King IV code on Non-Governmental Institutions and the Trust Property Act of 1988.

Sustainability Model

The Mvula Trust is a progressive non-profit organization that operates in fluctuating economic environment. We are a leading non – profit organization that is committed towards supporting and collaborating with other civil society organizations to build a democratic South Africa. As a result, The Mvula Trust is on a conscious and well-thought-out trajectory towards diversifying its sources of income in order to fund all its programmes. Thus, we acquire funds through competetive bidding. Our approach towards hybrid funding model is informed by learned experience in South Africa and across the world regarding sustainability of non-profit organizations.

Years of Foundation
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